The IDA in IDA Growth Stands for Israel Duran & Associates, but it  also stands for:

I – Impact

D – Driven

A – Acceleration

What sets us apart? Integrity is our driving force. We’re efficient, effective, and here to deliver REAL RESULTS so that you can experience true accelerated business growth. We are one of the few consulting firms that “speaks truth with love” in order to take our clients to the next level with absolute transparency.

IDA Growth is a global coaching and training company that operates with a core team of experts across digital strategy, website & funnel development, Facebook & Instagram ads, email & sms marketing, tech automation (and more) that delivers a huge impact for every client, every time.

Founder Israel Duran is known as the only “Visionary’s Mentor” who scales brands for high-profile clients using the IDA method. His team has worked with countless brands that have surpassed 6 and 7 figures, using the business optimization strategies taught and implemented by Israel.

Our process is streamlined to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to growing an online business, so you will never be given a cookie-cutter solution. We hand-craft a strategic roadmap for your business using the signature 4 pillars that Israel teaches to scale brands online. 

Whether you run a Consulting/Coaching business, an E-commerce business, or are a High-Ticket Service Provider, we take a look at what your current branding, marketing, sales, and operations processes are doing, identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats, and work from there. 

We address the true bottlenecks in your business, and – unlike companies who take your money and never deliver results- our goal is to produce an increase in your revenue like you have never seen before. Our team of experts has launched dozens of clients just like you into and beyond their sales goals.  We take pride in adding to your bottom line while freeing up your time with the automations and support you need and deserve.

Most coaches, consultants, and agencies are slow, unorganized, and use theory rather than implementing proven strategies while leveraging actual numbers. Our expert IDA Growth Team uses numbers, data, and analytics to fuel ongoing increases in sales.

Traditional agencies will spend 60 days teaching you theory and charge you a fee – they never truly onboard you or partner with you to help you grow. That is not how IDA Growth works. Our in-depth onboarding process and hands-on partnership approach is designed to accelerate your business and profits while teaching you a personalized system of success – your own digital marketing course. 

Some of you reading this have been scammed or defrauded in the past by people who over promise and under-deliver. The good news is we are here to show you a PROVEN STRATEGY that has worked for countless entrepreneurs and influencers just like you. We’re interested in long-term partnerships, not short-term results or sales gimmicks.

Here is what to expect from working with IDA Growth:

* Your experience with us starts with a 30 minute onboarding call with no additional fees or upsells. We promise. 

* Next we create an individual roadmap for your business growth. We look at your current successes and establish the distance between point a (where you are) and point b (where you want to be). We then carefully examine what bottlenecks and roadblocks are keeping you from reaching your revenue goals, having smoother operations, and gaining the time freedom you deserve.

* After this we reveal our expert team’s findings and help you implement TURNKEY SOLUTIONS and time-tested STRATEGIES – including the latest, most up-to-date SYSTEMS that are working RIGHT NOW for business owners just like you. Our team will create a personalized marketing plan that utilizes the latest digital marketing solutions.

We understand and empathize with business owners who have been hurt by traditional “agencies”. We pride ourselves on being different… on being PARTNERS. IDA Growth is a global coaching and training consulting company that has a track record like no other. In our business, the CEO/Founder leads by consulting, coaching, and training his team to treat every client with humility, integrity, and respect. 

Ready to launch yourself into the next phase of your success? We invite you to apply for a Growth Strategy Session with us today.  You will see results in your business within 30 days or less.