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IDA Method

What sets us apart? Integrity is our driving force. IDA doesn't just stand for Israel Duran and Associates, it also stands for Integrity, Driven, and Acceleration. We're efficient, effective, and here to deliver REAL RESULTS so that you can experience the freedom of accelerated business growth. Think of us as ground control - all the support you need for a successful launch into space.

In Depth Data Dives

Digital Marketing is a science and we know that at IDA Growth. Our team – with expertise across every area of marketing such as Facebook/Instagram ads, brand positioning, website development, ecommerce, email marketing and more – dives into your metrics and uses the data we collect to inform strategic roadmap development for your brand.

High-Converting Funnels and Ads

Our team of creatives and copywriters are experts at creating 6 and 7 figure result funnels for IDA Growth Clients. Using proven marketing strategies and a customized roadmap, we take you to the next level of sales while freeing up your time with turn-key solutions and automations.

Digital Marketing 101

The IDA GROWTH PROGRAM is only for business owners who are ready to take action. Every week we will give you practical, actionable steps to implement during your LIFTOFF TO SUCCESS. We teach you the secrets to digital marketing and partner with you every step of the way so you can scale your business beyond your wildest dreams.

IDA Growth Is A Full Service Consulting Partner

Our team of experts and creatives work hard to develop the perfect sales funnels, email campaigns, social media advertising & more to grow your brand and ROI.  Partnering with IDA Growth means partnering with the best and brightest in the industry.


We Are Ready To Partner With You

IDA Growth is a global coaching and training company that operates with a core team of experts across digital strategy, website & funnel development, social media ads, email & sms marketing, tech automation (and more) that delivers a huge impact for every client, every time.

Founder Israel Duran is known as the only “The Impact Architect” who scales brands for high-profile clients using the IDA method. His team has worked with countless brands that have surpassed 6 and 7 figures, using the business optimization strategies taught and implemented by Israel.

Our IDA Growth Partner Services are right for:

  • Someone that wants to grow faster using a proven system for online advertising that works smarter, not harder.
  • Someone who is open to receiving and implementing necessary feedback for taking critical steps towards success.
  • Someone who is more committed to their growth and their success than they are to excuses and distractions.
  • Businesses already doing $8k or more in revenue every month.

“If one can send thousands to flight and two can send 10,000 imagine what a team of partners can do with alignment? – This is what we do, guaranteed.”

Israel Duran - CEO, IDA GROWTH

IDA Growth
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Team Years Experience



"We Busted Through Every Record and Milestone"

Matt already had a raving audience and a great product but he was looking for a proven method for breaking his online business records. After working with Israel, he broke all his revenue records with a single 5-day online event using our SOS framework.

Matt T.

Mentor & Coach, Artist Rise Up

"7 Days, 3 Quarter of a Million Dollars."

Jim was already leading an online community and had a great product but he needed to bridge the gap between the two.  After working with Israel, he tripled his revenue with a targeted 7- day online event using our SOS framework.

Jim B.

Coach & Speaker, WWG Masterclass

"We Were Only Doing 1 Sale Per Month Now 15 Sales Per Day!"

After working with Israel, Candace  went from averaging 1 to 2 sales a month to over 15 sales per day using our SOS framework. Before she worked with IDA Growth she was struggling to capture online sales for her business – now she is on the road to self made financial freedom.

Candace F.

Visionary & Founder of TMSS Bakery

"He's TRIPLED My Investment!"

Joshua already had a proven framework for helping people build wealth but was struggling to profitably launch into the market. After partnering with Israel, he tripled his investment and has found his stride.

Joshua W.

Real Estate Investor & Coach, Founder of the BRRRR Bootcamp

"I Know You Guys Went Above and Beyond"

Shae already had an amazing community with loyal clients but she was looking for a way to bring in more clients to scale her brand. After working with Israel, she was able to break all of her previous enrollment records for her signature program with one  5-day online event using our SOS framework.

Shae B.

Chief Fire Igniter, Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

"Over $380K In Revenue!"

Nilo always had a dream to have his own purpose-driven business and he was given an opportunity when he was unexpectedly fired from his job. After working with Israel for 11 months he generated over $380K in revenue.

Nilo T.

Founder, Kingship Construction

“He Delivered AND He Did It In Less Time Than He Promised Me"

Amir was having trouble implementing systems into his online marketing and sales processes.  After working with Israel he now has a fully functional funnel positioned that generates him consistent leads and sales. All done in record time.

Amir T.

Founder, Towns Lending

"What Israel Bought Me Was Time"

Jennie was having trouble with leveraging social media to position herself as the authority in her market. After working with Israel, she now has a fully optimized website for converting visitors into leads while she has time to be Jennie.

Jennie U.

Founder, Ulin Consulting

"He's Hands Down a World Class Expert"

David was struggling to position his new business with clarity. After working with Israel he was able to create and utilize several marketing funnels and assets built to allow him to serve his dream customers and impact the world with purpose.

David C.

Founder, E-Workforce Technologies

"Had I Listened To Him Two Years Ago I Would Have Made Close to $500K"

Jose was struggling to start and grow his business the right way. With the help of Israel he now has a proven way of bringing new clients into his business by leveraging the marketing assets and skills for selling Israel showed him.

Jose B.

Founder, Loyalty Painting & Tiling

"I Really Thought I Had Things Under Control, Until I Met Israel"

Before Dallas worked with IDA Growth he  was struggling to have a systematized way of generating leads. Now he has a proven system of sales funnels and facebook ads bringing people into his business.

Dallas E.

Founder, My Fresh Start

"The Impact Is Here"

Pete’s sales cycle used to take months but after Israel’s Principle Based Sales Training workshop, Pete now has simplified his sales process which has allowed him to scale his business in record time.

Pete W.

Founder, Win Enterprises

"Israel Comes with the Highest Level of integrity"

David used to attend networking meetings without an action plan for creating rapport, after working with Israel he is now able to grab attention and attract his desired client with integrity.

David T.

Co-Founder, Win Enterprises

"Israel Gave US Everything He Said He was Going To"

Caleb needed a high converting sales funnel for generating leads for their app. With the help of IDA Growth his company now has a highly converting sales funnel. Caleb learned the power of leveraging sales funnels and facebook ads and hasn’t looked back since.

Caleb B.

Chief Of Operations, Clientell

"It's Really Impacted Our Lives Personally"

Tanya and her husband Mike were ready to grow their business and after working with Israel they are now stewards of a growing business and enjoying the free time IDA Growth gave them back.

Tanya C.

Co-Founder, Mike Craft Medicare

"Meeting Israel Duran was One Of the Best Things That Has Happened In My Business"

David was ready to position his business for serving the globe but he had no digital assets or marketing tools. Now his brand is positioned and is attracting his target audience all over the world.

David G.

Founder, Odigia Global

"I Give Isreal a 5 Star Rating"

Mike was only generating leads through word of mouth but after working with Israel he is now attracting more of his customers leveraging the internet aka digital word of mouth.

Mike C.

Founder, Mike Craft Medicare

"IDA Showed Me a Way To Make My Process Light and Efficient"

Derek was having trouble positioning his brand online with the proper systems. Now he has a fully functional website positioning him as the only logical choice because he worked with IDA.

Derek W.

Founder, DK Consulting

We Are Experts In The Field Of Radical Results

We address the true bottlenecks in your business and produce an increase in your revenue like you have never seen before. Our team of experts has launched dozens of clients just like you into and beyond their sales goals.  We take pride in adding to your bottom line while freeing up your time with the automations and support you need and deserve.


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