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Facebook has over 2.6 billion users, right at your fingertips.  But, this landscape is incredibly difficult to navigate without expert help. You need someone who can reach the right people in the right places, at the right time. Our team of Facebook advertising experts helps you turn your advertising into a revenue source that will exceed your expectations and accelerate your business to the next level of growth & scale. 

At IDA Growth we utilize data and analytics to drive sales in a strategic manner through thorough campaign planning and ongoing creative asset updates. Get a competitive edge over your competition by choosing to work with us on your Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising


You are looking for more than need profits.

...And we can do both.

Navigating Facebook advertising alone can be difficult.

Finding the right partner to grow with, can be even harder.

We work hard to be much more than an agency. We’re a consulting firm specializing in partnership. We know that on the quest for reach and ROI, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by misleading claims and promised shortcuts from people who want to take advantage of your lack of experience in this area.

The good news? We have decades of experience in digital advertising, ready for your to leverage to save you time and help you grow & scale quickly and efficiently. 

"We Were Only Doing 1 Sale Per Month Now 15 Sales Per Day!"

After working with Israel, Candace  went from averaging 1 to 2 sales a month to over 15 sales per day using our SOS framework. Before she worked with IDA Growth she was struggling to capture online sales for her business – now she is on the road to self made financial freedom.

Candace Ford,
Visionary & Founder of TMSS Bakery

We're different from the rest.

We don't just build you a powerful ads strategy, we focus on expanding your growth so you can scale your brand.

We’ve developed proprietary procedures that begin with a full audit of your Facebook advertising: what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to go, and then builds on that roadmap to create the perfect ad strategy for your business in order to reach your ideal customer. 

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Making The Right Moves

Identifying the right target audience for your business, brand, product selection or offer is critical to the success of your Facebook advertising. We invest significant time in getting to know your business and perform a full analysis of your competition in order to target customers with the most potential opportunity for conversion. We take into consideration age, location, gender, demographics, interests, behavior, and other key factors.

Work with us to establish a complete picture of your target audience so we can reach them and convert them to paying customers. 

1. Grow with speed using a simplified campaign structure

Make the most of Facebook’s algorithm by combining the perfect ad sets and spend.

Are you currently struggling to optimize your spend and constantly tweaking things in Facebook Ads Manager? We can help.

2. Focus on low-hanging fruit: creative production and positioning.

The greatest value to your campaigns won’t come from tweaking audiences or bidding tactics – it actually comes from your visual output. 

Facebook does the targeting at the creative level - the most important attribute of your campaigns = creative production & new angles.

3. Get a complete Facebook audit

We do a complete audit of everything you are currently doing (and not doing) to see where your areas of opportunity and growth are, and to minimize spend while increasing ROI. 

We specialize in fixing what's not working, and amplifying what is.

Our Process

Leverage Impactful Creatives

Customers purchase based on emotional impulse, and we take this into consideration when our experts develop Facebook ads to target the impulses, needs, and pain points of your customer. We tell your story through Facebook and Instagram campaigns that help develop long-lasting results and ongoing clients.

Split Testing

Where many agencies simply launch a campaign and move on, our consulting firm uses ongoing split testing (a/b testing) to determine winning creatives and constantly gain a competitive edge to help every ad outperform the last. 

Data Driven Decisions

Ongoing performance metric assessments and regular reporting help us measure ROI and determine the success of your campaigns as well as any potential areas of improvement. We meticulously analyze the data to offer suggested changes, improvements and adjustments for the purpose of your business growth & success. 

Facebook Advertising That Drives Real Results!

Running SUCCESSFUL Facebook & Instagram ads is a science we understand at IDA Growth. Our team has been delivering results time and again for a wide range of clients through our successful, proven strategies. 

Are you ready to reach the next step in your business growth & success through Facebook & Instagram advertising? Choose to work with IDA Growth today!

"7 Days, 3 Quarter of a Million Dollars."

Jim was already leading an online community and had a great product but he needed to bridge the gap between the two.  After working with Israel, he tripled his revenue with a targeted 7- day online event using our SOS framework.

Jim Baker,
Coach & Speaker, WWG Masterclass

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