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Leverage the Power of Targeted Google Advertising

Our Google Ad campaigns will help your business grow with purpose through a diligent application of data analysis. Work with us to create personalized, targeted search, display, shopping and video campaigns that drive significant ROI and help your business grow & scale. Our experts work with you to develop highly customized campaigns guaranteed to deliver notable results. 

Google Advertising


You are looking for more than marketing & need visibility & profits.

We leverage the power of google advertising to get you in front of the right customer, every time.

Leveraging your Google Ads account can be hard alone.

Finding the right partner to do it for you, can be even harder.

We work hard to be much more than an agency. We’re a consulting firm specializing in partnership. We know that on the quest for reach and ROI, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by misleading claims and promised shortcuts from people who want to take advantage of your lack of experience in this area.

But, that’s not us.

We’ve done the work to navigate Google Advertising in a way that allows us to bring you only the best strategy, creative development, and execution for your brand. We’ll help you break through the noise and reach the right people, the right way, for just the right $$ you want to see.

"I Know You Guys Went Above and Beyond"

Shae already had an amazing community with loyal clients but she was looking for a way to bring in more clients to scale her brand. After working with Israel, she was able to break all of her previous enrollment records for her signature program with one  5-day online event using our SOS framework.

Shae Bynes,
Founder of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

We're different from the rest.

We don't just bring you a powerful marketing strategy, we focus on building profits by chasing low hanging fruit to expand your growth and scale your brand.

We’ve developed proprietary procedures that begin with a full audit of your Google Ads: what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to go, and then we build on that roadmap to create the perfect Google Advertising strategy for your business in order to reach your ideal customer. 

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We Leverage Data

When we speak in digital currency, we speak in data. Data is the foundation for ongoing business analysis and informs all strategic business growth decisions, including in Google advertising. From competitive analysis to keyword optimization and careful creative development, we utilize the power of data to build purposeful campaigns for your business on Google.

1. Grow with speed using a simplified campaign structure

Make the most of Google’s algorithm by combining the perfect ad sets and spend.

Are you currently struggling to optimize your spend and constantly tweaking things in Google Ads Manager? We can help.

2. Focus on low-hanging fruit: creative production and positioning.

The greatest value to your campaigns won’t come from tweaking audiences or bidding tactics – it actually comes from your visual output. 

Google does the targeting at the creative level - the most important attribute of your campaigns = creative production & new angles.

3. Get a complete Google Ad Account audit

We do a complete audit of everything you are currently doing (and not doing) to see where your areas of opportunity and growth are, and to minimize spend while increasing ROI. 

We specialize in fixing what's not working, and amplifying what is.

How We work


The fast-paced, cut throat world of digital marketing requires constant optimization to get ahead. Ongoing data analysis and reporting helps us remove weak ads and promote effective ones for the purpose of continuous improvement. 


We know that half of our job comes down to educating you through the monitoring/reporting and tracking of digital campaigns so we can partner together to make the most informed decisions for the utmost success. Our experts monitor and break down every milestone in campaign development an execution, including CTRs, conversions, ROI, bounce rates, and more. Our team will work with you to answer questions, review progress, and build ongoing Google ad strategy.

Google Advertising That Drives Real Results!

Running SUCCESSFUL Google ads is a science we understand at IDA Growth. Our team has been delivering results time and again for a wide range of clients through our successful, proven strategies. 

Are you ready to reach the next step in your business growth & success through Google advertising? Choose to work with IDA Growth today!

"We Busted Through Every Record and Milestone"

Matt already had a raving audience and a great product but he was looking for a proven method for breaking his online business records. After working with Israel, he broke all his revenue records with a single 5-day online event using our SOS framework.

Matt Tommey,
Mentor & Coach, Artist Rise Up

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